Ovox Beatboxing to MIDI

Hey everyone, my partner and I just got the Ovox plugin and want to create live synthesized beats by beatboxing into ableton linked with a drum rack (similar what Dubler 2 allows you to do).
So far we have been not very successful as the notes are not precisely generated when we box the beat into the mic. Often sounds like “tz” get not recognised at all or as the same note as for example a “kah” or “pff”. Multiple drum rack samples get activated at the same time so there isn’t any consistency.

Has anyone found good settings to generate distinct notes for consistent rhythms and beats?

Ovox is designed to recognise pitch over anything else. I’ think you’d be more successful if you added a little tone to go along with anything that doesn’t have one.

It might sound a bit lame, but you might be able to make more reliable triggers for your drums.