Outboard desktop (ssl 360)

I really want an app that allows me to have a bird’s eye view of my entire project… such as SSL 360 allows. But in the case of waves… so it compiles all my channel strips and such to form a complete console. Also for all busses and rack gear… any waves plugin organized in a full virtual studio format.
Imagine just using it with templates (logic pro) so if I just want a virtual abbey road …a full TGI or just a mix and match of redd or any combination of channel strip to form a full console workflow… then every aux treated like rack and master vca and such all condensed to one view to work more traditionally as if it were a hardware environment.

I’m aware of mixhub but… this idea for all plugins. Especially channel strips.

Thank you in advance.

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The CLA Mixhub, which is based closely on an SSL console, does this by the use of the “Buckets” View. I actually think its a pity that Waves didn’t add the Buckets feature to any of their other channel strip plugins.