Odd vocal doubling sound when recording

Hi friends.

Just got a soundgrid server, and love it. However, there is a peculiar problem I’m having trouble with.

When I record vocals, if I use the server for low-latency monitoring, the vocal signal seems to sound weird and almost “doubled”… at first I thought maybe I was getting a lot of room reflections but then I did another take without the server and it goes away.

Any thoughts? I’m not double patching or anything. All soundgrid studio channels are muted and not even patched.

Hi @wasthatatrident,

Welcome to Waves Forum.

Information about the setup you are trying to set can be found in our
How to Use SoundGrid Studio for Real-Time Monitoring & Plugin Offload article.

If you still can’t manage to fix it, We’ll need some more details in order to assist with it;
Which DAW are you using?
Which SoundGrid application are you using? (Version 9/10/11?)
Are you also using a SoundGrid I/O?
Which OS is your computer running on? (i.e Win 10/Mac OS 10.14.6)

In any case, I would strongly suggest contacting our Tech Support, to further look into this and assist you in the best way.

Thanks I figured it out.

I had smart tempo enabled accidentally in Logic. Thanks.

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