NX vs ARS 3 comparison

Hi, I’m trying both for a while and found they are so great piece of software.
What is really strange is that ASR 3 sounds a bit out of phase, while NX sounds perfect.
This phasey sound is present on every song I passed through the app, even well mastered commercial tracks.
Does anyone feel the same?
Tx a lot

Hi @mgil

Welcome to Waves Forum,

I have tried briefly to compare them both on my system, But I could not say it sounded ‘phasey’ to my ears.

Please make sure that you the Head Measurement, and Headphones EQ set properly on both.

Note that in oppose to the NX, where you can adjust the Ambiance level and the position of the speakers and so on… The AR Studio 3 has a specific IR setting that cannot be changed (the actual Abbey Road Studio3 IR),

And therefore, the NX may sound ‘clearer’ in its initial preset.

If this is not the case, I suggest that you contact our Tech Support team to further investigate this phasey behavior.