Not able to use a shared soundgrid I/O device in Q-rec -- sometimes

I sometimes cannot use a soundgrid I/O device in Q-rec when it is already used by another computer. Here are the steps I did:

computer A (mixer), Soundgrid Studio, using STG2412, set for IO sharing, all fine
computer B (recording), opening Q-rec, it sees the STG2412, but only in italics and grey

I don’t seem to be able to use the shared STG2412 in computer B, no matter what I click or try. It stays grey and in italics. The sample rate field shows a red N/A. When I click the ID field the STG flashes.

The moment when I close Soundgrid Studio in computer A the STG2412 becomes available to computer B and I can record w/o issues.

I can now - when the STG is used in computer B and the sharing icon was clicked - open Soundgrid Studio on computer A and run the previous session w/o issues. The STG shows IO sharing as expected.

When I use Superrack SG or LV1 instead of Soundgrid Studio it is the same. When I switch computers too. I haven’t tried with another IO device yet.

My point is: I normally setup my show, do soundcheck and when everything is fine and I have some minutes left I would like to start a live recording. This does not work. I have to close the mixer, re-open it and re-assign the managment of the IO device.

Anyone an idea what I might be missing ?

I now tried Q-rec + tracks on both computers, same behaviour: the second machine sees the IO device but cannot use it. A redundant recording doesn’t seem to be possible.

On your A computer you shouldn’t be running both sound grid studio and LV1 at the same time. You do not need to use device sharing to send audio to multiple record computers. You also don’t need a host open on every computer. Try this…

Open LV1 and get that working with your I/O devices. Do not enable device sharing.

On your B computer, open your sound grid driver control panel and make sure you have the correct Ethernet port selected.

Go back to computer A and add computer to the sound grid inventory.

In LV1 go to your device to device patch and patch from the stg to computer B

Sorry if I was confusing: I didn’t run sound grid studio and LV1 at the same time on one computer. Merely I am trying to run two sound grid apps independently on different machines (mixer and q-rec), both accessing the same I/O.

But your idea adding computer B to the inventory of computer A is an interesting point. I’ll try this asap, thanks a lot.

Hi @dagroch

For your convenience, I suggest following the instructions at the How to Set Up IO and Driver Sharing in eMotion LV1

For any further assistance or information regarding the I/O sharing, feel welcome to contact our Tech-Support.

Have a great day :slight_smile:

hi @houghton.cb , thank you your suggestion worked!

I still wonder why IO sharing works when I start Q-rec on B and then the mixer on A, but not when I first start the mixer on A and then Q-rec on B.

Also in the first scenario I don’t have the hardware gains available in the mixer.

hi @ShayWaves , I think I’ve set up the system correctly.

The link you posted mentions two instances of LV1. My original question was about a mixer app on computer A and Q-rec on computer B. It does not work in the order A-B, only in the order B-A, with the drawback of having the gains only in the “recorder” not in the “mixer” (where they are supposed to be IMO).

Can you make it work in the order A-B ?

Hi @dagroch

Basically, the Q-rec is a slim-down version of the SoundGrid studio which automatically patches the inputs and outputs to the Soundgrid driver.

Note: Output I/O channels patched by the manager cannot be shared with other systems
until the device’s manager releases the patches or removes the device from its inventory.

As an alternative, In this case, there are 3 ways of recording tracks into your 2nd computer:

  1. I/O Share from LV1 into SGST
  2. I/O Share from QRec into LV1 while QRec Output section is Off (greyed out)
  3. Record into the 2nd computer local driver using LV1 as @houghton.cb mentioned or following this link

I hope this info will assist.

Happy new year :slight_smile:

Hi @ShayWaves , thank you. It’s a bit clearer to me now.

In my simple thinking I was just attaching the “recorder” (computer B with Q-rec + tracks) to the WSG network and just copy the signals of an already existing mixer setup.

I wasn’t aware that Q-rec is already doing a basic inventory management (manage the device, patch the signals etc) - which might interfere with the already present management in the mixer when not handled properly.

Thanks again.

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