Stream between SG Studio and LV1


I got two computers, one with a SG studio system (with its own server), and another computer with a LV1 system (own server too) both share multiple interfaces (one SG4000 and two STG1608).

To make it simple, the SG studio is dedicated to sound production and the LV1 is dedicated to FOH and monitors.
I need to stream from SG Studio to the LV1, but I can’t reach directly the inputs of the LV1 from the SG Studio computer. The only way I found is to stream from SG studio to the SG driver of the LV1 computer, make a coreaudio bridge into Reaper (Sg driver input1 to output 1) and then I get the stream into the LV1. It’s very messy, I get additional core audio latency and if Reaper crashes I lose the stream).

Is there any way to achieve it simply ? I know I’m using the system in a particular way but what I’m trying to build is very simple on the paper….

If someone can help me :pray:t2:

Best !

Did you ever get this sorted out?

Hello ,

when you add either computer to the other one in the inventory, don’t you see the channels in the patch then ?

The point is that you can’t have two different server on the same network (or just for redundancy).
So you need to connect the two system by an other protocol. Could be MADI, ADAT, AES…

The issue is trying to share I/O between LV1 and SG Studio. I dont think that you can. You can share LV1 connected resources with a second LV1 rig, but not with a Soundgrid studio rig, and vis versa.

I run my studio on LV1/64, and I have the ASIO driver on my DAW machine(s). I prefer using that over SG Studio. Better performance and sound in my opinion.

I have even mixed on LV1 like an analog console steaming from my DAW and then recording the LR when I was ready. I really like the sound of LV1.

If i were the admin of your system, I would use LV1 only, and use the 2 servers for redundancy. I would just send taps after the input on all channels from LV1 mixer into my DAW.

If I wanted dual rigs, I would probably get a second LV1 license, but that’s just my preference. I dont care for StudioRack or SG Studio, and the QREC option is always giving me artifacts. To me LV1 is the cleanest and best setup for SoundGrid.

Having multiple setups on the same physical network will not hurt anything. You will just “see” all the resources. And…you would need to do that anyway if you wanted a setup that allowed sharing of I/O.