NEW! Waves V15 is now available!

New features for all plugins, compatibility updates, brand new StudioVerse
NEW! Waves V15 is now available
Our newest update brings significant enhancements to our plugins for 2024. Coupled with the new StudioVerse experience: access to the biggest online preset library in your DAW including the brand-new StudioVerse Instruments plugin.

Waves V15 will allow you to work with the latest OS and DAWs and give you more power, with updates to MIDI capabilities, parameter locking, and added features to existing plugins.

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The New StudioVerse Experience Is Here!

The biggest online preset library of audio & instrument chains - inside your DAW Learn more.

New! StudioVerse Instruments.
Dreamy keys. Synth basses. EDM leads. Play thousands of chains from layered instruments, MIDI FX & audio FX.

New! StudioVerse Instruments

Revamped! StudioVerse Audio Effects.
StudioRack redesigned. Optimized search engine, tags, suggested presets, and a streamlined UX.

New! StudioVerse Audio Effects

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Unlock the full power of V15 with Waves Creative Access.
Top 20 Plugins Sale
Unlock over 230+ plugins with one convenient subscription—all featuring the latest V15 updates. Also includes future updates, new plugins as they are released, second license activations, the full power of StudioVerse, and more.

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Waves Creative Access contains the entire catalog of Waves plugins, excluding DTS broadcast plugins, Dugan Speech, and Waves live mixers & racks.


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