New Service! Waves Stream: Remote Audio Collaboration

New Service! Waves Stream
Remote Audio Collaboration As easy as hitting play.

NEW! Waves Stream - DAW Audio Sharing Service
We are happy to announce the full official release of Waves Stream, our new service for remote audio collaboration.

With the Waves Stream plugin and web app, you can now share high-quality audio with your friends, co-creators or clients, no matter where they are—directly from your DAW, in real time.

Waves Stream is super-simple, as easy as hitting Play: No login, no hassle—just push the big button!

Learn More Watch the tutorial with product manager Michael Adams:
Watch the tutorial with product manager Michael Adams:

Get Waves Stream Now:

As a web-based service (learn more), Waves Stream is available as a subscription: either on its own ($8.99/month or $88.88/year), or as part of Waves Creative Access subscriptions (Ultimate and Essential). Mercury bundle owners with a current Waves Update Plan also get access at no extra cost.

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Kudos for including it in Mercury!


People on other forums are saying that the audio is not indeed lossless as said in the marketing etc, who does one know whether or not it is and how does one prove it?

Yes I realize it doesn’t matter what others may think or believe, but personally I would like to know, and also be able to answer those assertions?

Oh, and congrats on the new product, and thaks for the inclusion with Mercury :+1:

Nothing like trying it for yourself, and finding out. If you do find any issues or audio degradation while streaming please let us know.

Glad you like the new Mercury addition :wink: .

Awesome idea. Its missing a much needed coffee button though. :thinking: