The new subscription service

Hopefully someone from waves will read this. I like waves plugins and honestly the subscription suggestion isn’t bad because all updates and new features would be covered.

However, I would be more inclined to go with the subscription thing if we are allowed to pick and choose what plugins we want in our subscriptions and to let us use it on multi systems registered under out account; up to 3 computers. For example if they came in 3 tiers: Artist (up to 20 plugins of your choice 10.99 mthly), producer( up to 50 plugins 14 99 mthly )and pro plus( all of the plugins for 24.99 also access to exclusive and education content along with master classes on mixing, mastering and production content). I think that would be fair. Also this would be different from all of the other susbcription based progams.

Hopefully, Waves took a lesson from BitWig and many others who tried to extort their customers. I’ve spent a lot of money with Waves. Not anymore. Done. Even with their ‘reversal’ of subscription only. Lost Fatih guys. Moving on to better companies. See ya!