⚡ New Release:Waves Online Mastering

Introducing Our New AI-Powered Online Mastering Service
Waves Audio44x44
NEW! Waves Online Mastering
Mastering makes sure your track will translate well on any system. No matter if played on professional setups or an iPhone, we will get your song ready for release and on par with other songs on the market.

We combined our advanced Machine Learning technology, Waves’ award-winning processing, and the expertise of industry-leading mastering engineers to create a service that will produce an accurate custom-tailored master for each song you upload.

Create top-quality, release-ready masters in just a few clicks, with the world’s most advanced AI mastering engine.

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I just gave it a shot today. Very easy interface. Lots of clarity, too. Glad to see Piper Payne was involved in the development. I did one tune (4824) for my Test shot. Very pleased with the results. My download of the 44.1K .wav file went smoothly as well. Playback was surprisingly nice even without headphones on my MB Air. Will there be an option to select an additional Master file that will meet the 24-bit Apple Digital Masters submission process? Please let me know. Thanks.

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I guess it was just a matter of time before Waves did something like this. Personally I think it’s a good thing.

It would be nice to see a certain number of masters added in with their subscription fee too, but we can’t expect any miracles.