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Introducing a new FX secret weapon: Dynamic spatial effects suite
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Space Rider - Create dynamic FX without endless automation
We are thrilled to introduce Space Rider, a fusion of Reverb, Delay, and Chorus, packaged with a powerful Rider. After designing your FX chain, assign any parameter to the Rider and morph your soundscapes with just a few clicks of a button. No more complex, time-consuming routing and automation. You can now create dynamic FX chains with ease and precision.

Includes 40+ presets crafted by Grammy®-winning producers & engineers to give you stellar starting points for your mixes.

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I had the chance to use this on a song and I love it. The rider functionality where it can oscillate between two settings is clever… And it just plain sounds good, easily.

I tried it on vocals, a few synths, and a full drum kit. It’s the perfect balance between being unique enough to “have a sound” but versatile enough for varied use. And it works well as both an extreme effect but also more subtle.

Adding chorus to the delay/reverb combo was a surprising effect I had never tried before… It’s good. It works.

The UI is really easy to understand as well, which makes it easy and fast to engage with. I barely needed to look at the manual except to learn about the rider’s functionality. Well done. Thanks for including it in Mercury!

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I never knew how such a simple feature like the Rider can be handy.

It’s also great for verse/chorus style reverb configurations which you can manually crossfade between. Saves heaps of automation.

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