Playlist Rider Causing Distortion

Hey, all. I don’t do a lot of podcasts so the prospect of Playlist Rider doing much of the work for me was very welcome. But I’ve found that regardless of how I tweaked it, it would frequently cause distortion when boosting signals. This was in Pro Tools 2020.12 on a project with four voices, a couple of which are very dynamic, bookended by a music theme. It’s strange because it’s supposedly using simple gain riding, and even though nothing appeared to be approaching digital clipping, the distortion was there. What am I missing here?

Hi Sean, welcome to the Waves Forum.

I suggest trying to set the threshold to -24 DB for starters and adjust it manually later if required,
Finally, you can play your Audio Sources one by one and adjust the input gain on the respective input channels, so the Sense light is mostly green.

Hope that puts you in the right direction :slightly_smiling_face:

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