Network ports: can soundgrid ignore one?


I have a problem with my soundgrid setup that I think is related to network ports.

Basically, I’m using my LAPTOP DAW connected to my Wi-Fi for “day-to-day” stuff, and my Soundgrid system is of course connected using my Ehternet RJ-45 port.

Basically, I’m hearing glitches and little audio artifacts when playing back audio from my DAW when I sometimes have to interact with my web browser. (Reply to chats, listening to reference medias, loading web pages…)

Of course, when looking to my ressource monitor it seems I am not (yet) capping any of my computer’s ressources.

Looking at my SOUNDGRID STUDIO, I can see that both of my network ports are listed (RJ-45 and WiFi).

Is it possible to have soundgrid “ignore” the WiFi port?