Network ports: can soundgrid ignore one?


I have a problem with my soundgrid setup that I think is related to network ports.

Basically, I’m using my LAPTOP DAW connected to my Wi-Fi for “day-to-day” stuff, and my Soundgrid system is of course connected using my Ehternet RJ-45 port.

Basically, I’m hearing glitches and little audio artifacts when playing back audio from my DAW when I sometimes have to interact with my web browser. (Reply to chats, listening to reference medias, loading web pages…)

Of course, when looking to my ressource monitor it seems I am not (yet) capping any of my computer’s ressources.

Looking at my SOUNDGRID STUDIO, I can see that both of my network ports are listed (RJ-45 and WiFi).

Is it possible to have soundgrid “ignore” the WiFi port?


I’ve got the same problem.
Even when I play a song on Spotify and open up a single page in Safari the playback make glitches and pops.
If I play through another interface (ex. my Apollo) I’ve never got any of these problems. It seams like network traffic on other NICs interrupts the Soundgrid stream.

This is on my MacBook Pro with network adapter on the Thunderbolt bus.
Have you found a solution JFerland_Temp?

Hello! No I have not found a solution… yet.

But I am kind of wondering about why Soundgrid Studio bothers to detect / integrate a WiFi ressource when (as far I can understand…) the whole Waves system is relying on ethernet connexions only. I would think that to offer within SGS Some kind of “switch” to allow us to ignore WiFi ports would kind of be usefull in this situation and could “easily” prevent these glitches.

Meanwhile, I’m just turning my WiFi off altogether when using SGS.

I can also mention that with my Mac Pro 2009 flashed to 5.1 (and Monterey 12.4, OpenCore Legacy), Soundgrid is complete stable without glitches. Also with internet on WiFi. This makes me think that it can be som interference on the Thunderbolt bus. My 2019 MacBook Pro should be more than capable to transport Soundgrid audio without glitches.