MyMon - Thoughts?

I’m not finding a lot of info/reviews out there. However, MyMon is exactly what I’ve been looking for to assist monitor configs in the studio, as I’ve been running SG gear and LV1 for years.

However, I can’t seem to get the Android app to see my LV1. I’ve of course set things up direct and added MyMon as a controller in LV1, disabled firewall for testing, etc. (Windows 10) I’ve also tried multiple computers / WavesCentral repair and more. Other apps work fine from the Android device for testing, such as Microsoft’s Remote Desktop, which is cool on a tablet.

I can’t make heads or tails by reading the LV1 logs. Can someone tell me more detail on the network communications?

MyMon doesn’t reveal why it cant find LV1, it just enables the demo button.

Hi there @555AllTheTime,

Make sure your Wireless Router is actually a router and not just a Wireless access point, and that is is setup with DHCP. We recommend 5gHZ WIFI router.

Steps to connect are here:

If you still can not connect please contact our support team about this.

Yep. Getting both an IPV4 and IPV6 address on the tablet and PC.

In that case - please contact our support team about this.
Although they cannot configure you router for you (we cannot offer support at that level as there are to many types of routers and devices), they may be able to help pinpoint where this issue is occurring.


Just a bit of an update… I was able to build a test system using the Wifi router and a laptop, and everything works well. I really like the MyMon app, it makes my monitoring a breeze to set up.

I’m going to do a bit more research with my other equipment. It seems that MyMon (or perhaps the Android platform) prefers to use IPV6, and I think there’s a problem at my computer’s end of things.

I’ll update at some point when I know more. Not sure if I’ll be able to troubleshoot over the holiday though…

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I will second that MyMon works really good! We tested it this weekend with the band, and they liked it better than the Midas M32C and M32Q app.

I also had some struggle getting it to work, initially. Still need to mess around with it to feel like I have the right wi-fi router and network cards, etc. I ended up running LV1 on my MacBook and it was flawless.