Multitrack Recording Dropouts (C1500 Waves V3 QRec MacBook Pro)

Hey guys,

i am trying to fix a problem with my multitrack recording.
Going crazy with this. I feel I tried all i can to fix this issue.
Right now I am on tour, recording every show, day by day with different settings.
But I keep getting occasional dropouts in the waveform. Sometimes its clean for 5 Minutes, sometimes every 30 Seconds. Looks like this:

My Setup:
A&H C1500 + Waves V3 Card

Cat 5e + 6 Ethernet Cables (tried different)

Mac Book Pro 2015 (12.1)Laptop 2,9 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5 – 8GB RAM – 500GB SSD
Mac OS Monterey 12.7.1
Original Apple Display Port to Ethernet Converter/Adapter
Waves QRec (32 Channels, buffer Size maxed, 1024)
Waves Tracks (Buffer Size 1024) as DAW, but also tried PreSonus Studio One Professional 2
WLAN off
Bluetooth off
Other Apps running during Show: Spotify and Open Sound Meter (also tried without them)

Channel Count
I am trying to track only 8 Channels. HD und CPU activity in Waves Tracks is barely over 5 % usage. But it seems that i cant get a nice and clean audio stream.

I tried all sorts of things.

  1. Console on Internal 96KHz clocking Waves Card digital 96KHZ
  2. Console on Internal 96KHz, Waves Card on 48KHz
  3. Waves Card Internal 48KHz, Console clock from Card Slot
  4. Waves Card Internal 96KHz, Console clock from Card Slot

Any suggestions? Did I overlook something?

Thx and all the best!

Hi @tim.heumesser,

Welcome to the Waves forum.

You can reach our our Live Sound Specialists for remote assistance, or via emails.

After going thoroughly through your setup and all different components they should be able to provide more information and a solution if available.

It is worth mentioning we do not recommend running your Waves SG host application and recording/playing back from the same computer.

In such setups we would recommend using a 2nd computer for the playback recording process to ensure stability and performance.