Multimod Rack and Mercury

Hi there,
I have just installed Multimod rack as a Mercury user.
However, I also use Studiorack and cannot update my entire Mercury bundle, as I will lose the SR capability, as it’s not compatible with the newer plugs.

What’s the best procedure to get Multimod Rack licensed so that I can use it?? …without screwing up the plugs I need to work in Studiorack??


Hi @mattrixx.

  1. Go to Licenses page in Waves Central and activate your updated Mercury license (do not install it).
  2. Go to Install Products page > All Products tab
  3. Search for MultiMod, MDMX and Berzerk - they will come up as V11, select each in turn
  4. Click Install

Now all of Mercury and StudioRack will remain in the version you have installed, but activated by your Mercury V11 license, and the new MultiMod and distortion plugins it works with will be installed in V11

@mattrixx important note:

This will work if your plugins are V10 or V9.92. Earlier V9 software such as 9.6 or 9.3 will not co-exist with V11 plugins.
Before you do anything, please go to a plugin, click the “W” icon on top left and check the version. If 9.92.x - proceed with my steps above, if below, this will not be possible.


Thankyou Yishai.
That sounds a lot simpler than the route I was going to take.

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…and just too follow up for anyone else that is having trouble.

The key is to login to your account at and make sure you update … or more to the point “get the latest update”, that will trigger a new license with the most recent version, into WAVES License Centre.

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Great extra point there @mattrixx!