Morphoder set up help

Hi everyone, I’m trying to get a Morphoder plugin to work with my audio. I’ve routed the output of my midi instrument track to the plugin which is on a bus. The audio is going directly into the same bus, but I can’t get my instrument track to trigger the audio. If I select midi within the plugin and press down some keys with my mouse on the little keyboard display, I can get it to work with the audio, but I want to control Morphoder’s midi track with my own keyboard. Where am I going wrong?

The key thing to get this working with your setup is making sure you have the Carrier and Modulator correctly set.

From what I can tell from your description I think you’ll want to make sure that the Carrier is set to Track. The audio, on the other hand should be routed to the plugin’s Sidechain as opposed to sending it to the same bus. But then you’ll want to set the Modulator to Sidechain.

Another thing you might be interested in is having a look at Ovox which seems to be essentially Morphoder on steroids

So for the Carrier track, I have the output set to Morphoder Mono/Stereo input 2 Bus G. Should I route the audio to the same output? (I tried this but there’s no sounds coming out). I watched a tutorial on how to set it up but some of the buttons are missing in my version: the sidechain “SC” option in the top left is missing and the sidechain input bar in the top right is also not there. Not sure if this is causing the problem? I’m using Cakewalk as the DAW.

Actually gotta admit, the OVOX is miles better and gets around all the hassle of setting up side chains etc.

It can do, but the side chin is still an optional route.

In respect to your settings, I’m not sure it sounds entirely right the way you have it set up, but I really need to see a screenshot of your channel strip and plugin settings to know for sure.