Modern version of Waves Gtr Stompbox

Maybe something out of the ordinary, but Waves GTR Stompbox is a pretty useful standalone plugin plugin for quick mixing and getting guitar to blend into the the mix.

I think there will be a good response to a modern stompbox plugin, with pedals from 2020 and the last few years, guitar recording has really changed from recording amps to using more plugin and amp sim setups. I am pretty impressed at how good PRS Supermodels sounds compared to Waves GTR, so can only imagine what a modern Stompbox type plugin can sound like ?

What i like about gtr stompbox is that its standalone and has 3 or 4 knobs, pretty easy to use, specially for people new to recording.

Nice modern additions will be:

  • Chorus (More options than the current 2 knob version)
  • Delay (Some different types of delays, space echo, Memory Man, modern delays…etc)
  • Reverbs (maybe some Strymon sounding verbs?)
  • Drives (some more varietes)

Alot of the projects i have to mix for bands i most always receive DI signal to generate my own sounds and alot of the time GTR Stompbox will be somewhere in the signal chain.

I do hope that this idea can go somewhere, if you had this plugin i would buy it straight away. Id happily be a beta tester!