Mixing A cappella With Abbey roads

Just Finished Mixing and Mastering an A cappella song.
The Reel ADT was really useful for the Stereo spread in the Vox pads !! ( I couldn’t find a place for it on the Main Vocal ) . The one thing which really got that Vocal ambience was the Abbey Roads Chambers . Really useful plugin. The TG 12345 was used in the Vocal Sub Busses . I love the Character of the Compression and this is often my goto Vocal comp these days.
This track had a String section for about 8 bars and i loved the RS56 tone on the Strings.
The Abbey roads plates also is very good for the orchestral ambience in my opinion
All of these are very CPU consuming though and im seriously considering a Soundgrid server to handle these tasks.
And Yes all tracks i wish had the Redd console too without frying up my CPU on my 2015 Macbook pro :slight_smile: I had to freeze the individual tracks after using them Redds and all this abbey roads setup. In the end was all worth it !!

Interesting :slight_smile: Recently I’ve used Reel ADT on the main vocal which was otherwise very thin, and it worked great!

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Yes indeed. Hey i tried this recently on a Tabla track. Tabla and dholak recordings in our regions in the yesteryears were very identifiable with a slight phasing due to Mics . Gave it a lot of Character . I tried that with the ADT . Not evident doubling at all but slight phasing. Wonder how it would sound on Conga tracks !!

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