Using Abbey Road Reel ADT

If you’ve used one of the Reel ADT versions (Mono/Mono, Mono/Stereo, Live, etc.) on a vocal track, what have you found as a good way to route the signal path or place the plugin in the mix chain? I use Reason 10 for Windows.

I started out using it basically as an effect on a send/return, then panning the return to where I wanted the doubled vocal. But somehow that feels like it’s not using the plugin in the way it was intended to emulate the original effect. I’m also not sure how the “live” versions differ from the other versions.

I’ve tried putting the plugin as an insert on the vocal track channel, but I don’t think I have the signal routing correct (patching the output of the vocal channel to the device input, then out to a its own channel strip), but it didn’t work—no signal at the second/doubled channel. So, still learning how to place and best use this plugin for the best result (in this case, I mean closest to the authentic effect).

I definitely like the Abbey Road reverbs. A lot of control there.

Hi @oldsmartvet,

The ‘Live’ version offers low-latency performance for live shows (the doubled signal can only be delayed and not have pre-delay).

It can be used either as a send/return, or an insert. What DAW do you use? perhaps the routing issue is something I can help with.

Hi Yishi, I’m using Reason 10.

To get a pannable delayed signal think I would need to use one of the stereo versions, probobly the mono to stereo one so that I can send the original track thru the ADT as an insert, then send the delayed copy to a separate track. I think I was using a mono to mono version, which doesn’t give you outputs for the original plus the delayed copy.

Hi @oldsmartvet.

If you are using on a Mono Vocal Track,

  • Create a mono send on this track and pick up the fader to send audio through it.

  • Create a Mono Aux track in your session and set the input as the same Bus you are sending audio to above.

  • Now, load a Mono-to-Stereo Reel ADT instance on thre Aux track, the output of the aux track will become stereo and

  • Balance the level between the Vocal track, how much of it you are sending to the Auxilary and the output of the auxilary.

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