TG Mastering Glory

The TG Mastering Chain has been known to be from the days i decided to be a Mastering engineer
In fact the RS124 ( not yet featured in the Abbey roads i think ) was my great compression influence.
The First like factor when i put TG to use was the modularity of the entire chain . Although i miss adding another waves plugin apart from this chain much like the Scheps Omni.
But the compression is a league apart. At first i found it a bit authoritative but the Waves hybrid mode balances that aspect well!. ( May fav is the Limiter though :smile:)
I/p section is very different . The tape modes are quite aggressive ,sometimes in a great way.
The Eq’s for me is where this really shines. So soft yet characterful. Even the filter section.
It could take some time or at least it took me some time to understand this in totality but for the price such deep Mastering chain !! Good time in the box :slight_smile:

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