Midi over soundgrid

Hello, any midi/soundgrid wizards in the house?

I am running a setup with a multirack v10 and tracks on a separate computer (mac) to record the shows. This is all working fine.

Now i want to have tracks live set a marker with every scene change, so playback jumps directly to the right point with playback.

The midi program change works on the multirack (midi blinks blue every time) but doesn’t reach the tracks live on the other computer.

-Soundgrid on both computers runs fine (cause the audio recording works)
-soundgrid midi is available on the recording computer cause i can select it in the marker “midi drop down select”
-It works if i use an usb-midi device between the computers alongside the cat5 cable, and select the usb as midi source for the markers. But… i don’t want to run an extra cable.

So it looks like midi is not travelling over soundgrid ethernet cable from computer to computer and audio is,

ideas anyone?



Hi @Sunnyrob,
That is correct. the SoundGrid network is not built to pass midi over ethernet, you will need to use the two cable solution in this case or use the same computer and a virtual midi driver.

In genral, SoundGrid has a midi driver which can be used with a physical SoundGrid device’s Midi In port (like on the DigiGrid IOS)

I am not a SoundGrid user, but I am a Plogue Bidule user. I recently was experimenting with sending MIDI between two computers running Bidule over a a 24 bit audio channel and got it to work pretty easily. I only did this for a single MIDI channel, but I see no reason why this couldn’t work for multiple MIDI channels as a single 24 bit audio channel has almost 34X the MIDI’s baud rate.

My audio connection was slower than my computer to computer MIDI connection (using rptMIDI), so I abandoned the idea. But, for you it would be fast.

I came across your post as I have been looking into SoundGrid as a way to connect my two computers, but the “expensive box between the computers” requirement is a deal killer for me. I wish there was a way to do that.

Good luck.

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