LV1 Soundgrid and MADI & DANTE Options

Hi All,
Looking for options and feedback on what others are doing for interoperability with MADI and/or DANTE??

To connect with MADi i use a Digigrid MGB. No issues, gives you 128 channels each direction @48k. No SRC though.

AFAIK the only device doing direct Soundgrid-to-Dante is the Hearsafe WSG bridge ( I think the next best option is to go WSG-MADI and then MADI-Dante.

I have to correct myself: the Yamaha RSio64-D with some WSG-Y16v2/v3 can do Soundgrid-to-Dante too.

While quite a bit more expensive, the Digico Orange Box with Waves and Dante or MADI cards will work.