DiGiGrid DLI and XLogic Delta-Link MADI HD

Hi. I’m upgrading an old Avid HD Accel rig and want to reuse some of the old SSL interfaces. Anyone knows if its possible to use the DiGiGrid DLI to connect to the XLogic Delta-Link MADI HD so it’s possible use the SSL Alpha Link MADI-AX and SSL XLOGIC ALPHA VHD preamps?


Hi @bjarte,

In short no, DLI cannot connect and interface with the SSL interfaces you listed.
If you wish to set up MADI outputs in to a SoundGrid network, without using the DiGILink option and DLI, that is possible with an MGB - please reach out to our support team with specific information about how you wish to set this up and they will advise if possible and how.

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