Code to bridge WSG and Dante?

Does anyone know of code for a program or service that would bridge soundgrid driver channels to dante driver channels on a pc or mac that has two interfaces? I assume there would be some latency. I’m aware of the $3k bridge product.

Technically it should be possible, e.g. with some of the “virtual audio cable” or “virtual soundcard” apps. But I guess the first problem you run into is clock synchronization. Neither the Waves SG driver nor the Dante VSC can be clock master (iirc) so you would need either a synchronized clock outside or a SRC between the Dante and SG domain.

Thanks for pointing this out. The $3k bridge is looking good.

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Hi @dagroch,

If you need any information or technical assistance setting Dante up with Waves feel free to Contact Technical Support.

Tech Support will also be able to remote into your setup to ensure everything is set correctly and provide all relevant information for your specific setup requirements.

@jhayes : the following could work on macOS:

  • create an aggregate combining the soundgrid driver and the DVS (e.g. 16 channels SG and 16 channels Dante)
  • set the tick “Drift correction” on one of them (this is the SRC then). Or make sure clocks are synchronized outside between WSG and Dante

This way the two domains SG and Dante should be available in an audio application at the same time now.

  • in a DAW:
  • for track 1 select in1 and out17, for track2 select in2 and out18, and so on. Put each track into “input monitor”

This is just a brain construct though. Not sure if it works in real life. Any corrections welcome.

Hi guys,@jhayes, @dagroch,

Keep in mind that both Soundgrid and Dante networks should be completely separated, and should only be used with the Hear Technologies WSG Bridge for Dante bridge, any other way might work but was not qualified or tested and is not supported by Waves.

Have a great day.

Hi @Adi.Waves,

yes sure. I was just getting a little bit nerdy :slight_smile:

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