SoundGrid recording tracks live

I recently purchased an extreme server for my M32C mixer. The plugins work great and running it is easy. I want to record all the tracks separately go back to my studio between gigs and mess with plugins off the recorded session. I thought Tracks Live would work for this but it doesn’t seem to be able to aquire the live audio from sound grid while super rack is in use. Will this scenario not work?

Hi @aaron

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Recording into a DAW is indeed possible using the SG Driver via SuperRack’s Patch > Device to device window.

Please refer to this link and follow the instructions for SuperRack.

Note that we suggest recording using a 2nd computer, to separate the show and recording process from each other.

Make sure the 2nd computer is compatible with Tracks Live System Requirements or run with REAPER 6, which was qualified to run with the SG Driver on newer systems.

If any further assistance is needed, I suggest consulting with our Tech Support team which will gladly assist with this.

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