Little CLA Epic problem

I got the CLA bundle, and overall I love it.

So much, in fact, that Epic is permanently strapped across Aux 1 in my Logic ‘new song’ template.


When I press play, there’s always a loud reverberant click for a few seconds down the Aux bus. No big deal, as long as there aren’t any (for example) strings or pads in the intro it’s cool – I can just automate a mute on the return for the first few seconds.

Still: anyone else getting this / got a better workaround?

I have heard of a similar experience from someone else, unfortunately I never really heard what the problem was. I assume you have the most recent version of it??

I recommend reporting the issue to their Tech Support, they may not be aware of the issue.

A work around would be to maybe do a volume or plugin bypass automation, at least until after the onset of the click.