CLA Epic - Tape delay click noise on startup

Has anyone else noticed a clicking noise that is generated by the tape delay when the plugin is initialized or when it is powered on? This is annoying when doing a bounce because the clicks are added to the beginning of the mix. I got around it by putting a noise gate after the Epic. To hear the problem, open the preset CLA > Guitars > Dancing Delay then use the power button to turn it off and then on again. If you mute the tape delay and power it on and off then there is no clicking noise. You will also hear it when you play from the beginning of the song.

I’m running Logic Pro 10.6.0 on a macOs Catalina 10.15.6

I haven’t used it much myself, so I can’t say. I have heard that this does tend to be a common enough problem amongst plugins. Hard to say whether it’s the plugin itself or the DAW in some cases.

Best bet is to report this to both Waves and Apple via their “feedback” link in Logic. At least then you’ll have your bases covered.

In the meantime another approach is to allow extra “pre-roll” time at the start of your production/mix and trim off the excess. Or you can automate the Master or offending track Bypass/Volume.

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Hi @karlw thanks for joining our forum and for reporting about this behavior :slight_smile:
Our team is looking into this query. It would be best to contact Waves tech support to get the official response and post it here afterward.

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Did you ever get waves support on this issue? I am having the same problem. Thanks.

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