Kick or Click channel sidechain to TAP tempo!

Is it possible to have a FX-AUX with a delay, sourcing the tap from a side-chain for example kick channel or a backing track click? if there is the possibility to have a click or kick track only for sidechain inside a delay effect…the tempo allways will be right…or maybe via midi in…a midi track with tempo
Or a Beat detector plugin to send to a FX channel delay effect!


With an Avid S3L you could define an event which was triggered by something like “channel level above -30dBFS”, and this event could then be set onto a delay tap function.

All this event and macro stuff is way more sophisticated in an Avid or Digico :expressionless:

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It was wonderfull if waves make something like that or near!

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This is an interersting concept. It could also potentially work for the metronome.

All I can think if is running a BPM meter on the relevant track and using that info to set up your plugin. Especially if it also displays a millisecond value.