Add "Follow Sidechain Frequency" to Waves F6

Waves F6 is a particularly good EQ, even without the dynamic features… but the dynamic features are obviously great.

My request is to add the option to “Follow Sidechain Frequency” to the frequency input of a frequency band.

It would listen to the sidechain and center the frequency based on the most dominant median average of the sidechain source material.

This would give it similar functionality to what Trackspacer can do, except with a whole lot more power.

F6 is already 90% of the way there… It would just need a little button for the “follow sidechain” mode, per band. (Maybe this mode would take over all the bands, if that is too complex.)

If F6 had this feature, it would be superior to Trackspacer in terms of control… So if you’ve sidechained a track that has a diverse range of high and low frequency content — frequency band(s) marked “Follow Sidechain” would move accordingly.

Currently, there’s no way for a band to automatically change it’s frequency based on the sidechain input. This would fix that, as a huge upgrade!


This is quite a useful suggestion. It makes sense for dynamic eqs to do this too. If you can follow frequency specific dynamics for changes in gain, why not follow the same frequencies to detect when there is a “shift in weight” in the frequency spectrum.

This would indeed increase its flexibility.

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Nectar 3 from that other mob does this, though you do it from an external side chain AFAIK.

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Yeah it does. Nectar’s problem, though, is using an entire channel strip just for the frequency tracking eq. it’s a pity it doesn’t let you use it as a separate module like Ozone or Neutron

That’s why I think throwing the feature into something like F6 would be a great idea.

I should have mentioned that the Izotope Neutron EQ does this without having to load the entire chain.

Hang on, I thought the frequency tracking was only available in Nectar. Whereas Neutron has a generic dynamic eq without that tracking?!?

Whoops, yes, that is correct. Was getting my plugs mixed up.

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I remember doing the same thing a little while back, which was how I know… NOW. :rofl:

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