CR8 Sample Time Offset

CR8 does not currently have the ability to offset the timing of your layers. This means if you layer 4 snares they all trigger at the same time. This limits sound design capabilities especially when layering drum sounds. If we had a “time offset” knob on the plug-in for each layer, we could easily have each sample trigger at later times (in ms) if needed. The sound designer in me loves this plugin, but I can’t create the interesting flams and unique drum hits that I could in other plugins. Hoping this feature request finds those needing it or reaches the dev team.

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Thats a fair point. I didn’t notice it missing myself until I saw you mention it.

The only thing I can suggest is may be find a way to user a modulator in the Speed function so that it pauses for the desired time, before changing to full speed. Something like a square wave might work with the negative phase set to that small slice of time want it to play for. You’d use the Phase control for that, I believe.