Is the WUP still contemporary?

Perpetual licenses are back! Thats fine and the right step!

WUP is also back as it was. This is in my opinion not the right step, WUP is outdated

What is WUP for Waves user (since V10):

  • only few minor improvements, not worth to make a major version
    WUP is time dependent (every year!) and not function-dependent
    If there are enough new or optimized functions, then it is worth to make a major version!
  • much too expensive because of only few minor improvements (since V10)
  • VIP support, but I think the most users don’t need VIP support, simple product support via mail works, without WUP

I think, we need a better update process like WUP is.

What do you think?

In my personal opinion, this conversation has been done to death.
WUP is not compulsory. It is important to those who need it, in the case where development has been required to maintain compatibility with operating systems that have broken said compatibility.
Until that time, you just keep using what you have.
It’s not expensive and as mentioned, not compulsory.

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Oh well, never mind now