Is it possible to Transfer Horizon from iLok to Computer?

I own an old version of Horizon and a few other Wave plugins. I want to put them onto my new Waves flash drive. Is there some way to take them off of my iLok and get them onto my flash drive? Running a Mac Pro OS 10.13.6 Thanks!

Hi @rosindabow,

I hope you are well and staying home :slight_smile:
As as of Waves Version 9, Waves licenses can not be activated on iLok keys.
You may have thought you activated the Horizon license to an iLok, but it is actually activated on a physical computer.
Version 9 licenses can be managed in Waves Central’s Licenses page - in this page you can transfer them to a flash drive of your choice. More instructions here.
If you do not have access to this computer, you can recover the licenses using Waves Central on another computer, as long as it is Windows 7 or macOS 10.10 and above. More instructions here.
Of course - you can also update the license to a newer version.
If you need further assistance in locating, updating or moving the license - please contact our support team.

Hi Yishai,

When I go to my Products page it clearly says that I own: CLA MixHub

I followed the directions to Recover the plugin and it seemed to have been able to move it to the same same external flash drive that my newer plugins are activated to. However, it now says in red, next to the Full license: Not Recoverable What does this mean?



It says it’s not recoverable since you just recovered it and it is on your flash drive (it’s only recoverable once a year.)

In your Products page online - if you select “All” button at the top - you will see the horizon license as well.

If you have not installed it yet - do so following these instructions:, the license is active so that should be all.