Ilok not showing as connected

Hi all…

I just finished reinstalling Windows 10 on a PC, and I’ve done all the steps that I can see to reactivate my V9 waves plug-ins.

When I get to the activation step in waves central, it does not show my Ilok 2 as being connected. All my plug-ins were installed with the off-line installer… Everything else looks good, and licenses from other products, like ProTools, are working off of this Ilok 2.

I am on the current version of ilok manager, current version of waves central… But I am wondering if there is something I am missing… Would there be a different driver for Ilok 2?

The only thing that could be causing a problem is that I have a V 11 version of one plug-in installed, along side all the rest at V9.


WAVES does not use iLok

I’m confused.

All of my licenses have been on an Ilok 2 for the last several years and have been working just fine.

In fact, I take that Ilok with me when I record live. And given that you can’t use the licenses on two different computers at the same time, it has to be that Ilok that is making it work.

In Waves Central, it also shows that same Ilok as having the licenses deposited on it, but it shows it as disconnected. When it’s not.

So, are you saying that those licenses can be on any flash drive?

Correct. Any USB thumb drive will suffice. Also note, that if you accidentally erase it, the WAVES auth system remembers the unique identifier of the thumb drive so can repost the licenses,

So… I’m still left with a conundrum… waves central is seeing that the licenses are on this particular Ilok drive, but cannot access them, while other software, like ProTools, uses the drive correctly.

That’s technically not possible.

You are pretty funny.

I’ll restate this… Just so that you understand. Waves central says that my licenses are on this particular Ilok, which it says is disconnected.

This Ilok is plugged in to my current reformatted computer and is working with other software.

Let’s see how you validate that this is not technically possible.

So, you must be the first person ever to be able to transfer via WAVES Central, a license file onto an iLok. OR, that license file is not on the iLok, where all of your other licenses (that use iLok) are working.

But to re-iterate. WAVES have not used iLok since about 2008 or V5 (I think…but it was a long time ago), but def not V9.

BTW, if your WUP is up to date, you CAN in fact use on two different computers simultaneously.

Hi @KJSeager,

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Waves licenses cannot be activated to an iLok it is indeed impossible. what probably happened is that you named your regular USB flash drive iLok hence why you see it listed as an iLok.

If you still experience issues with your Waves licenses please reach out for support directly through the next link.

Have a great day.