Do IR-L and IR1 have an IR length limit?

I am trying to load a long impulse response in the Waves IR plugins, but they just cut off at about 6 seconds. Why is that?

Anyone? Can anyone confirm the 6 second limit?

Actually, I don’t know, but it sounds like something that might be a thing. Especially for a time when this thing was designed.

Although looking at some of their own IRs you can see that a few go over 10sec, with the longest being a Spring Reverb that goes for just under 36 secs.

There may, however, be a limit imposed on the waves you import.

Thanks for the response.

For anyone wanting to try and see if they too get an issue, this is the impulse response I am dealing with…

Well, nevermind, stupid forum says I am “new” and won’t let me post a link.

Hi @lahatte

Waves IR plug-ins can indeed process imported IR Impulses of up to 6 seconds.

More info can be seen in the IR1 User Manual.

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So there is a 6 second limitation?

Hi @lahatte,

Yes, that is correct.

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