Version 9 plugins... where do they install on Windows?

I have some version 9 plugins, specifically H-Delay Hybrid Delay, and PuigChild Compressor, which I use in almost every mix. I just built a new machine and I’m trying to install all my plugins. I’ve downloaded Waves Central, and installed/enabled all plugins that are version 10 and 12. I noticed I was missing the aforementioned plugins, and noticed they were under “Licenses->Connected Devices”. I selected the 2 plugins and activated them. Now they’re all activated. The problem is that I don’t know where Waves Central installed them because my daw (Ableton Live) isn’t loading them. Live loads all the version 10 and 12 plugins; it’s only these 2 version 9 plugins that aren’t loaded. I can’t do a search on my Windows machine because Waves doesn’t expose their names and wraps them in some type of compressed file or something (I wish they’d list the plugin names so I can actually search for them). Anyhow, does anyone know where these version 9 plugins get installed?

Hi @u84six, welcome to the Waves Forum :slight_smile:

Please note that Waves Central can install online only v10 - v12 plug-ins, while v9 plug-ins can be installed using the dedicated v9.92 Offline Installation folder via Waves Central v12.

That is in case the computer is compatible with the v9.92 System Requirements.

If so, please refer to this link and follow the step to download the dedicated folder and install the plug-ins.

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