Installation failed – Please restart or contact support if repeats

Hello, yesterday I tried updating the plugin with Waves Central and encountered an error called Installation failed – Please restart or contact support if repeats. I tried various methods on the official website, including reinstalling and clearing the cache, but it still couldn’t be resolved. I have been using it normally before, but the sudden occurrence of this situation in the past few days has made me very annoyed. I haven’t done any operation on the computer system. Is there a solution

Hi @1204730388,

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If you have already tried the steps on our website to solve the issue where an installation has failed, I think it will be best to Contact Technical Support at this point so they can further investigate the issue.

I understand the frustration and the fact it worked just fine recently that’s why contacting our Techies will be probably the fastest way to a solution.

Please update us on what was the issue and if it was solved

Thank you very much. Waves Central has updated version 14.3.2 again today. After the update is completed, my problem has been resolved!

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Hey there,

It’s frustrating to encounter unexpected errors while updating software, and I totally get why you’re annoyed. If you’ve tried the official solutions and still haven’t resolved the issue, here are a few steps you might consider:

Contact Support: Since you’ve already tried troubleshooting methods from the official website, it might be a good idea to reach out to their support team. They should be able to provide specific guidance tailored to your situation.
Check System Compatibility: Ensure that your computer meets all the system requirements for the plugin. Sometimes, updates can introduce new compatibility criteria.
Uninstall and Reinstall: As a last resort, you could try completely uninstalling the plugin, clearing any leftover files, and then reinstalling it from scratch. Make sure to back up any project files or settings before doing this.
Rollback to Previous Version: If you were using the plugin normally before the update, consider reverting to the previous version that worked for you. Check if there’s an option to install an older version in Waves Central.
Temporary System Changes: Sometimes, temporary changes to your system, like disabling antivirus or firewall, can help with installation. However, be cautious with this and only make changes you’re comfortable with.
System Updates: While you mentioned you haven’t done any operations on your system, sometimes background system updates can affect software behavior. Double-check for any pending OS updates.
Community Forums: Look for user forums or online communities related to the plugin. Other users might have faced similar issues and could have shared their solutions.
Remember, technical issues can be quite specific and can vary based on your system configuration. If you’re not comfortable troubleshooting on your own, seeking help from the software’s support team or a technical friend can save you a lot of time and frustration.

Wishing you a swift resolution to this problem,

I can’t even reach the support team because the form I have to fill in my OS system not working always shows empty field. Without putting my OS into form I cannot even send that form to support team?

Hi @genegoods,

A tech support representative should reach out soon over email to further assist.