Bad Support for the new subscription software

s it just me, or what…
The only programs that ever have issues installing, or updating on my mac is Waves. I own pretty much all of the plugins, but decided, hell, I’ll get the subscription since it costs way more to update the plugins I own anyways.
Nothing is more dreaded on our system than doing an update to Waves products. Everything goes swimmingly until it get’s to 83.1 percent and then fails, send me to the website.
I follow all the step on the website, short of uninstalling all my plugins, and still no luck.
So I open a ticket and indicate the same, asking fro an offline installer for the file.
I get back ) a few hours later- which is amazing BTW, that never happened. It’s usually days), but the response is “go to the website” and a link to the website to download the Waves Central installer.
The tech didn’t even read my message.
Waves has to up their game on this stuff, or else they will start losing customers big time.
In any case, they must know how ■■■■■■ their software is for installing, as they have multiple ways to solve a myriad of issues their installer causes.

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I suggest contacting support over the phone if you need instant assistance with solving such issues note that Tech Support can also remote into your computer to solve any Waves-related problems and hopefully can save you some time. Call Technical Support: +1-865-909-9200 ext. 1

Normally when issues, as you report, occur, the article you were provided
How to Solve Stuck Progress Bar in Waves Central and the complete offline installer the Tech Support representative added, is the correct way to tackle such errors. The offline Installer will include Waves Central and the complete Waves collection.

Assuming you are installing everything. there is a point where Central’s progress bar doesn’t look like its doing anything. That’ll be the SD and HD samples downloading,

If this is the case you can deselect them and just download the plugins. And return to download the samples at at another stage.

The other common cause for this would be internet dropouts, but I’ve usually found its the first case in my experience.

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