Install both V13 and 14 plugins with newest Installer?

I own V13 and V14 plugins and wonder if I can install them by using the latest Waves installer or do you have to do a split installation?

Also I wouldn’t know how to proceed generally.

Can you help me?

Hi @atticmike,

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You can Install Waves V13/V14 from Waves Central.

In Waves Central Go to > Install Products >All Products> Change the View option to present the versions you wish to install.

If you need any help feel free to Contact Technical Support for assistance.

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Although it’s definitely possible to mix versions, just make sure you only have one version of any one plugin running at any one time. In Central’s Settings tab there is a Version Organizer that may become useful.

Typically, Waves plugins can coexist, and you can install multiple versions using the Waves Central application. Here’s a general guide:

  1. Download Waves Central:
  • If you don’t have Waves Central installed, download it from the Waves website.
  1. Open Waves Central:
  • Launch the Waves Central application on your computer.
  1. Login:
  • Log in to your Waves account. Make sure you have both V13 and V14 licenses associated with your account.
  1. Choose Products to Install:
  • In Waves Central, go to the “Install Products” tab.
  1. Select Versions:
  • Browse or search for the plugins you want to install. Waves Central usually provides a dropdown menu to select the version. Choose the specific version you want to install (V13 or V14).
  1. Install:
  • Once you’ve selected the versions, click on the “Install” button. Waves Central will then download and install the chosen versions of the plugins.
  1. Repeat for Additional Versions:
  • If you have both V13 and V14 plugins, repeat the process for each version.
  1. Activation:
  • After installation, you may need to activate your licenses. Waves Central usually guides you through this process. Ensure that your licenses for both versions are activated.
  1. Check in Your DAW:
  • Open your digital audio workstation (DAW) and check that both versions of the plugins are available for use.

Remember, this is a general guide, and the specific steps or options might vary slightly based on updates or changes made by Waves. If you encounter any difficulties or if there are specific instructions for your plugins, it’s recommended to consult the Waves Central user guide or reach out to Waves support for assistance. They can provide accurate and up-to-date information based on your specific scenario.

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