How do I install only some plugins from a bundle?

I own the Diamond bundle, but would like to select which plugins I like to install from it. The bundle is on V14 but Waves Central only lets me install the complete bundle.

On the older versions of Waves Central there was a tab named “All plugins” which made it possible to select any plugin and install it, but the new version no longer has this tab.

I also tried the V14 offline installer but can’t get it to work.

Any new about this ?
With the price of the bundles, shouldn’t it be a basic option? there is no point in installing a bunch of plugins that I will never use.

Hi @jeronimog,

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You can install individual plugins from Waves Central > Install Products >View choose the plugins versions you wish to Install i.e. V14 plugins.

Now you can simply type the plugin name you wish to install in the Waves Central Spotlight option and it should pop up in the version you chose, allowing you to install only individual plugins.

I believe this only works for V14 and maybe V13 plugins at the moment. Though I’m not positive.