Inserting Tune Real Time in Mainstage does not create a MIDI node

Hi can you please help me? I just bought Waves Tune real time plugin and need to use it in Mainstage. The documentation of the plugin says :
Connecting a MIDI Track or MIDI Keyboard
When opening the plugin a MIDI Node is created. This is common to all MIDI-enabled Waves plugins.

Unfortunately it does not create on my mac any node I could connect to, to send midi notes from a DAW (Cubase) to the plugin to use it as a target pitch. I do have the midi notes present in Mainstage as I can see it in the monitor. I just can not find a way to map it to the plugin. I would appretiate any help with this. Thank you.


MainStage is based on Logic tech and one of the few thing that Logic doesn’t do well… yet… is when midi and audio collides in a plugin. Their workaround for years has been to insert the plugin as a “Midi-Controlled Effect” into an instrument, which work’s okay for the most part, but it won’t transmit midi to other plugins beyond the first plugin.

This isn’t your issue, though, but something to keep in mind.

All you really need to insert WavesTune RT as an instrument, which will allow you to use a keyboard to control it, and pass it the audio feed via the Sidechain feature. You might want to set the audio track’s output to none, so you are only listening to the output of WavesTune.

You can also group these together in a Summing or Folder stack to keep these elements together… if MainStage does that.

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