Waves Tune Real-Time connect with a keyboard

I’m using Ableton Live 12 (Windows) and would like to use Waves tune real-time with the microphone in an audio track. I would like to play the harmonies in real time with a midi controller. In a tutorial it was shown that I open the settings in the plugin and specify the midi channel of the midi controller. In the Waves Tune Real-Time plugin, however, I can’t find a properties button to connect the midi controller. How can I do that?

Hi @bikersw,

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When opening the plugin a MIDI Node is created. This is common to all MIDI-enabled Waves plugins.
Connect the MIDI device to output to this instance of Waves Tune Real-Time. The MIDI input can be either a MIDI keyboard or a MIDI track.

If you still encounter difficulties setting MIDI with WTRT you can try and Contact Technical Support who will be able to provide you with all required information and steps if avilable.

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