eMotion ST1 Studio console request

Hello i’m John. There any chance for eMotion ST1?
My suggestion is a different version of LV1 for Studio.
The only think must be added is automation.

I would definitely second this.
It seems like the very logical step in the process, integrating cla mixhub, epic ( giving it the ability to receive input from multiple auxes, therefore making it work exactly like the analog setup)

It doesnt need to be a daw, it just needs to act like an inline console, have a monitoring section ( with ext inputs) have afl,pfl,sip,sif.
For the automation part, a plugin that would be inserted to the daw that would control the ST1 fader, like the Delta plugin from SSL. The infrastructure is already there.

You need to make this happen Waves!

I think Soundgrid Studio is What you said, exactly