I'm a little confused

Many days ago I purchased the L2 Ultramaximizer. I had some problems with their website and I got frustrated and said the heck with it. Today I purchased one of their Equalizers. I also emailed support and he emailed me back and gave me instructions on how to use Waves Central to install and activate my plugin.

Today when I ran Waves Central and looked at the My Products category, my Equalizer was listed and it says Full License. The L2 Ultramaximer however was not listed.

So today I went back to their site and I clicked the download button for the demo. Then I noticed that the L2 Ultramaximizer was listed among My Products in Waves Central, but it says Demo 7 days.

My question is can I choose both option buttons next to the two products to select them and click on the Install & Activate button and both plugins will be licensed and activated? Including the L2 Ultramaximizer?

I’m new to this so I don’t know how they operate.

How long ago did you buy L2?? It could be that the reason why it isn’t showing is it isn’t supported by your OS.


You may need to “WUP” it to bring it up to standard, which should only cost around $10-30 per plugin.

Everything is OK now. All my plugins are showing up in Studio One.

Tim Kangas

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