Cannot activate second license

Aloha, I purchased the update coverage for two products I own - the NLS Summer and CLA LA2 compressor. While the website shows my coverage is good until next June, in the copy of the computer that I wish to use my second license on, it does not show those two licenses as being in my cloud. I have reinstalled and refreshed, but nothing I do seems to allow me to active the second license on this second device - it does not show there even though in my license cloud on the website it shows it being there (in the cloud). I have done this before and never had problems before. Restarted Waves Central, the computer (2019 Mac Pro, 10.15.7), checked for updates. Nada. Mahalo!

Hi @keoladonaghy, Welcome to the Waves Community forum.

In order to register 2nd licenses to your account, please refer to the How to Get 2nd Licenses for Your Waves Products article.

I hope this information will assist you.

Have a great day :slight_smile:

Problem solved. I had two accounts, was logged into the wrong one ffor those plugins.

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