I purchased DeBreath and DONT APPEAR IN MY PC!

Hey i need help urgent!
I bought DeBreath and dont appear in my pc, i have installed already and not showing up in anywhere in my pc!

Hi @martinzbeats!

I hope you are well and staying home!
note that DeBreath is a mono plugin only, if you are looking in a stereo track - it will not be there.

If it is still not there - please pick your daw and follow the troubleshooting steps in one of these articles:

And if all fails - please contact support, who can help for sure!

DeBreath is not there in my folders, in anywhere in my pc, but in waves central they said “INSTALLED SUCCESFULLY” i already ask help for the contact support and they did nothing, its vert upset!
Im hating to do this for 3 days and have not asnwer!

Hi @martinzbeats,

I see that our support team has answered you 2 days ago. You are welcome to continue troubleshooting with them over email, but if the email method is not working fast enough, I suggest you call. 1-865-909-9200 ext. 1.
As you just bought DeBreath, it is covered by the Waves Update Plan and you are entitled to VIP phone support. If you are concerned about long distance charges - simply ask them to call you back once they pick up.

I ask to him teamviewer my pc and help resolve it, or give my money back!


Hi @martinzbeats -
Our support has reached out by email and offered to connect via Team Viewer.
Please respond and set up a time with support to resolve this issue.

I’m sure they will work this out.

Maybe you are on the same situation that i am. Maybe if you are using some sort of “strange” or “primary” model of SSD disks.
The Waves Central 11 wont install the plugin except activating it, please tell me if you se a hash or a check in the INSTALLED status row.

That´s already checked with install in green like its already installed, and i never found!
Thats weird cuz OVOX install normally and the others its ok in my SSD, only this plugin give me this issue!

Have you reached out to our support team @martinzbeats?
What DAW and OS are you working on?
Are you absolutely sure you are not looking for DeBreath on a Stereo track? It will only show up on Mono.

I format the pc and fix the problem!Thank you all!

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