Garageband with Waves Debreath - not showing up


I just bought the Vocal bundle which includes DeBreath. It seemed to install OK but when I opened Garageband all the effects were there except DeBreath. I went to support and got a nice email back explaining that all the other effects were stereo, but DeBreath was mono, so I needed to open a mono track. I opened what I think is a mono track using the double circle 1-2 icon in the Smart Controls area, however try as I might I cannot do anything to show the Debreath effect - the first one in the alphabetical list of Wave Effects is Doubler

I have the latest version of Garageband and Catalina 10.15. For interest, I opened Audacity, and Debreath and all the others were indeed present. This is driving me nuts, can anyone advise?

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Is your Input Source in the Inspector set to a mono channel??

DeBreath is a Mono only plugin.

As @simon.a.billington advised - the input of the track should be mono.
If you are trying to load it after a mono-to-stereo plugin, please try to load it before the mono-to-stereo plugin with a mono input.

Hope this helps