I can't find my products

I paid 163.46 dollar

But I can’t find my plugins in my products also in waves central

central and site notice no product that I bought
but I paid help!!

I can’t do my job cause of this problem…

What OS and DAW are you using??

I use Mac OS 10.14.5 Mojave
Daw : Ableton 10 live / Logic Pro x both

It’s a situation where they can’t recognize the plugins they bought on Central and its website.

If you check out the requirements here it does say its compatible with Mojave, but 10.14.6. If you are indeed running 10.14.5, thats that could very well be your issue.


you mean if I update my MacOS
and plugins will be found??

Quite possibly, yes.

Its the first thing that Waves Support will suggest too.

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thank you so much for the answer to solve this problem

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I update macOS but it was not solved I will contact waves thanks

No probs. Here’s the link if you need it…

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