How to switch full license and 2nd license?

Hi, before updating to W12 I had my full license activated on my MacPro and my 2nd license activatend on my MacBook. After updating to W12 I have the full license activated on my MacBook and my 2nd license on my MacPro.
How can I switch the two licenses? Do I have to unistall all Waves on both computers?

No an uninstall should be unnecessary.

I think all you have to do is just transfer your licenses back to the cloud, then redownload them on the right machine, that should work.

But I can’t figure out, how to put both licenses in the cloud…

There is a licenses tab on the left side of Central. Clicking on that will reveal the devise where your licenses are stored. Clicking on the devise will display its licenses.

Clicking on those, should give you the option to store them back in the cloud.

But can I hold two licenses at once in the cloud???

Hi @flonky,

Yes, you can store as many licenses as you wish on the License Cloud.
Note that licenses on the License Cloud are Not Activated.

Each license can be activated to one computer at a time and could be moved between devices (computer or USB Flash Drives) as many times as needed.

Please refer to this link and follow the steps to move licenses from one computer to the other, using your Licenses Cloud or a USB Flash Drive.

For any further advice regarding your specific licenses, I suggest contacting our Tech Support team to advise properly.

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