Clarity VX is missing after installation!

I just bought Clarity FX and installed it with the automatic installer for Windows.

But it doesn´t matter whether I try to find it in Audition or Cubase. It just don´t appear anywhere.

I believed the installation was just as smart as all other plugs I´ve purchased that by itself place it where its most needed. As it is now I can´t even find the VFX itself anywhere in my VFX, VFX2 or VFX3 folders, not even in a Wavecentral or Clarity FX map.

Is this a bad joke or a new technology with invisible plug-ins or have I missed something here?

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have you found a solution? its happening to me as well right now

Hey guys, you might want to reach out to Waves for official support on this… But I can say issues like this are actually more-common-than-not whenever I do an upgrade or buy a new Waves plugin.

90% of the time I just have to “clear cache and re-scan all plugins” in my DAWs. That usually fixes it.

Maybe 9% of the time I have this issue I have to go through the Waves Central repair issues, and that has fixed it.

And then one time I had to do a total uninstall and total reinstall.

But start with the “clear cache and rescan” and that will probably sort out your issue. If it doesn’t, hit up support to see what the right next step would be.

Also make sure that you actually installed and activated it! You can also end up in a state where it’s installed but not activated or activated but not installed, etc… Make sure both are indicated in Waves Central.